Growing The Business

Building work complete, now all we needed to do was revisit the million and one ideas we'd had for possible use for the venue.  Enthusiasm abundant, but decisiveness maybe not our strongest point, we finally agreed on what we felt would suit it best.

In its former glory, horses were kept in the barn on yard level and grain was stored in the floor above.  Wanting to pay homage to this the search for a name began....and seemed never to end! The Stables, The Old Grain Barn...even the Wild Mare were banded around.  The later ruled out by Mother Jones (Mary) who didn't warm to the implication there was a less than respectable side to her.  The name changed on a weekly basis until we eventually landed on The Grain Loft and concluded that it encapsulated its history whilst depicting its future and giving it an edge it deserved. 

Name chosen, uses decided, now was time for the fun part, photos and a website.

Working from home has many benefits but not, it transpires, when you're having building work done.  Trying to hold a meeting to design the website was made a tad more challenging by a drill coming through the wall behind us.  Then there was the photo shoot, a glamorous day one might assume.  Fun definitely, but perhaps more in the style of a crazed scavenger hunt with us running around looking for missing items and turning rooms from bedrooms to breakout rooms in record breaking time.  With not a single drop of blood, sweat or tears in sight the pictures emerged.  The old farm barn had been lovingly restored and captured beautifully on film to bring it to life and with it The Grain Loft was born.