The Concept

Why did we do it, now there's a question? And one that's been pondered many times over the last 3 years.  

The idea emerged when a group of winter guests to Llanhedric House asked if there was a room they could use to do some Yoga.  They could push back the sofas in the lounge or find space on the landing...or we could do something with that old barn that was sitting there storing farm junk and logs.  Over a few glasses of wine later that evening, it seemed so logical and so simple.  A new floor, board out the ceiling, plaster the walls, how hard could it be?  And so the idea took hold.  But as the planning evolved so too did the scope of the project.  The simple room for activities evolved beyond recognition of its original concept.  The design changed on a daily basis, as bathrooms, a kitchen and an upstairs open plan area was added. 

Myself and my husband Mark had renovated our first home (with a little help from our friends) and we grew up in the countryside so felt sure our basic DIY skills would serve some use...particularly in the initial demolition stage.  What we needed was some real building and carpentry skill....enter Dad Jones.  Knowing how much he enjoyed a project, it only took a minimal amount of coercion and he was on board.  And so the project began.