The Grain Loft Wedding Viewing Day

The Grain Loft Viewing Day

A great opportunity to come & visit The Grain Loft & Llanhedric House & explore this stunning rustic country

wedding venue, designed exclusively for intimate weddings and ceremonies. View The Grain Loft whilst its dressed for a wedding & meet our friendly team.

Wedding package special offers available on the day.

Wednesday 25th September 12 - 7pm

Please let us know you are coming by dropping us an email or message or by calling Elaine on 07816148818

10 Reasons For Making Your Wedding an Intimate Affair

You've got engaged, can't wait to be what's the problem?  A big fat wedding with every distant relative expecting an invite...that's the problem!

For many of us the prospect of a huge wedding is deeply daunting.  Not only is it likely to cost the same as a small country, but it can also feel quite impersonal and more like a reunion rather than the intended celebration of your love for each other.

As weddings have got more and more elaborate, an increasing amount of couples are turning their back on the never ending guest list and  we're seeing an increasing trend towards couples opting for smaller, more intimate weddings.

Here are our top 10 reasons why the best things really do come in small packages

1. Less pressure.  As much as you love your partner the thought of all the fuss and furlough of a huge wedding can be terrifying.  A smaller number of guests that genuinely care about you means less stress to organise and throughout the day. 

2. Costs less.   You're more able to work within your budget is you've got less guests to feed, water and entertain.  You can focus your budget on the things that are important to you or go all out on spoiling a select few guests.  At the end of the day do your best friends really care if there's not a photo booth and bucking bronco?

3. More relaxed. There will be much less anxiety on the day knowing the only people watching you walk down the aisle and saying your vows are people you feel completely comfortable with.  With less people to organise and worry you can enjoy a relaxed day with your close family and friends.

4. Spoil the ones who matter.  Love the idea of treating your closest friends and family to a meal, not so much your great Aunt Mabel who you haven't heard from in 5 years.

5. Spend more time with your new spouse.  You get to spend time on the day with the person you've married.  When you've got crowds of guests to get around the day disappears and before you know it you've missed the opportunity to spend time celebrating together.

6. Spend more time with each guest.   Not having 150 guests to get around allows you to have proper conversations with the people you like spending time with and being a smaller group they are more likely to get to know each other better than at a big event.

7. Less likely to offend.  People are more likely to be offended if they didn't make the cut out of 120 people than they are if they know it's a small affair with only very close friends and family being invited.

8. More memorable.  Guests are more likely to remember your wedding as it will be different from a lot of the other weddings that they've attached that tend to merge into one after time.

9. Great photo's.  Instead of herding around groups of people trying to get everyone in the same place at the same time the photographer can focus on capturing some really special pictures of you and your spouse. 

10. You can do it your way.  You get more choice in doing something different.  With less guests to worry about you can choose a more unusual venue or different location.

WIN a weekend at The Grain Loft

Very excited to be teaming up with Ludlow Food Festival to be offering a weekend of accommodation at The Grain Loft. and free tickets to Ludlow Food Festival.

For your chance to win follow the link below. Good luck 😊

The Ludlow Food Festival – 7th-9th September – is the original Food Festival in the UK, set in the castle grounds of the beautiful town of Ludlow. With a stellar line up of food names, incredible producers, and demos a plenty.

The Future

The Future

So here we are launching The Grain Loft.  As with all projects it took longer than we hoped, cost more than we predicted and encountered issues we hadn't even dreamed of.  But as the saying goes the best things come to those who wait, and the satisfaction that we now feel having created something so exciting certainly makes it all worthwhile. 

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